CHI Memorial Hospital Market Wednesdays 10 AM-1 PM


Yes, it's about locally grown and produced veggies, fruit, herbs, nuts, cheese, milk, eggs, meat, honey, jams, coffee, tea, baked goods, art, crafts, soaps, candles, lotions, flowers, plants, doggie treats, entertainment and more... But it's also about people coming together to share and teach and learn from one another, to laugh together and support one another. Our markets are full of good stuff and good people! We're all about healthy eating and living and the local community!

Lookout Farmers Market Grant from UNFoundation

Helping a fellow Chattanoogan sell their wares at a farmers market could mean the difference between paying a bill and not quite making it.
By providing the Lookout Farmers Market​ with vendor setups (EZ-Up tents with weights, tables, chairs, and benches) someone who might not have the opportunity to sell their vegetables or craft will get it. Last year the market loaned a tent and a table to a Ukrainian immigrant. By the end of the market season, she was able to buy her own tent and table. This made a huge impact in her life and the success of the market. Not only will our grant help the vendors directly, but having more wares available at the market will better serve our communities as well.